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The Bad Breath Dragon

"The Bad Breath Dragon and the Boy who had Tattoo of a satellite on his forehead
& the Tattoo of a Moon on his chin & Tattoo of a Star on his Bum!!"

Monday, July 05, 2010

Pine Trees-01

for a change,
I'm going to post some of my favorite snaps,
I love Trees,
especially Pine trees/fir trees,
those who grow on Hills in the Myst.
Pine trees record all the Extra Terrestrial activities on Earth,
more coming..

Friday, January 08, 2010

Knights on the Moon !!

"Knights on the Moon"
Progressive Trance concept album,based on my story.
The group of Medieval knights with the Blue torch light made by the Extra Terrestrial friends, Climbing down the crater of the Moon, something is there that need to protect,
Outside on the rim of the crater stands their Cathedral like Spacecraft!!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

It’s been a long time since I’ve uploaded something on my blog,
Below there are couple of images, which I’ve already posted on Facebook.

Countess Crimson

Bow before 'Countess Crimson'

I'm her slave,I kill for her !!!

Walking with the Giant!!

“BevD and the Beast”

“BevD and the Beast”
My take on ‘Beauty and the Beast’
(BevD means female alcoholic)
Beauty: pour me more, hicc!!
Beast: bloody hell, this drunkard girl is going to drink my wine cellar dry!!!

ways of Countess!!

"Strange Tales!"

"Strange Tales!" My Marathi Storybook,
Title : Phantom in the Dungeon or Underground Ghoul
and the Blue Eye of Ayesha!

the guy with the thick book is saying "Listen you spoiled brat!!!!" :)


Mozart wrote his own Funeral Music!!!

No Smoking

inspired by the scence from Anurag Kashyap's film
"No Smoking"

Monday, May 25, 2009

New Design for T-shirt

Inspired by Mumbai bus service

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Smells like a teen spirit!!!

very old Angry drawing of mine
technically drawing is not perfect, but I liked it ;)

Zinga Island!!!

I own this Island,
I called it Zinga Island,
Zinga means Shrimp,Prawn!!
there are lot of mysteries on this island,
I'll tell you later

tasty swirling Zinga

bloody demon!!!

big belly demon likes to swallow shy,ugly kids

inside the demon's belly
ugly boys and girls floating in a Wine

Drawing Under Influence :P

Inspired by the song 'A Time and A Place' by favorite band ELP Emerson Lake & Palmer,
It was stormy rainy misty grey day,I was at the hilltop house with my drinky!
listening to the song and sketching.

"There is a place, a time and a space
Just no one can trace, that non one can trace."

Somewhere a hill, where things are still
Rain water spill, just rain water spill.

Satan playing keyboard and Mallu girl behaind!!!

Killer maneater rabbit on rampage

one of my Bengali friend hates fishes

strange character and his house with 100
Gothic windows

Snobbish girl!!!

Inspired by Blue Oyster Cults song
'Joan Crawford'

Monday, January 05, 2009

Major Thapa!!!

Be prepare for
(Tall) tales of Mystery and Imagination of
retired Major Vikramsingh Thapa
according to him,
he has cursed by God of Death Yamaraj,
that he will not die, Until…….(he is not telling)
And he believed that he is the reincarnation of Indian Medieval King Vikramaditya,
Well known for his tales ‘Vetal Pachchisi’( 25 tales of Ghoul)
So here it is another 25 tales of
"Major Thapa" with his faithfull dog "Veerbhadra"

PassionForCinema OneMin ShortFilm Fest 2007

This Article is Previewsly published in :
in Jan 09 2008

Terror at the Drive in Show (Making of One Minute Short, and Promo Stuff)

Hi guys,
lot of talk is happening on Animation films and all,

I’m very eager to share my experience with you guys, about making of my One Min Short,
“Terror at the Drive in Show”, (find it in PfCOne 2007 Day Two),
For those of you who haven’t seen it yet, here it is :

I was thinking about this theme for long time,
but I had no idea about execution of it,.
But it happened so suddenly when I read the announcement of PFC One Min Online Film

and at that same time, friend of mine 'Nitin Veturkar'(he is in the film)
told me that ,there used to be Drive in Theater in BKC (Bandra Kurla Complex),.
I was so fascinated, thinking what kind of film they were playing
and which cars people drive, at that time.
I’m huge fan of Old Black & White,Horror films
like Bride of Frankenstien,Black Sunday, and
films of Ray Harryhousen .
and that was the Inspiration.

So here is my film, “Terror at the Drive in Show”,.
where one of the audience experience Something Evil,.
while watching “Bride of Frankenstein”.

*Storyboard: I prepared rough Storyboard first,

*Set Design:
Designing the set was an interesting part,
I’ve got this small toy cars,(I Love it),
crumpled sheet of paper ,for ground ,
one little twig for tree in the foreground,
and simple torch for lighting, My stage was my Mac Laptop,
I lay my set on keyboard, then Designed Wallpaper in Photoshop,(background sky and wall
which is where you see “Frankenstein” Movie,. )
I play the footage of “Bride of Frankenstien” on my Laptop,
using Divx, when you play movie on Divx,
the controls-panel disappears, and you see only screen of the movie,
then I adjust that screen on my wallpaper, ,..and Shooting start. I used Canon Still camera 7.1 mega pixel

*Live Action Shoot
After shooting the scenes with the toy cars,
I called my friend Nitin Veturkar.
who did part of Boogeyman,He came along with Mayur ,Victim,
(He was Victim of my Indulgence too,he he )
then I shot the remaining scenes with the real car,
from inside and outside,. when you see Victim of the movie watching film from his car,. it was Nitin who was holding the Laptop
outside, which was playing the footage of “Bride of Frankenstien”
same thing with the reflection on the car,

I composed the “Terror” Theme using Keyboards in software called “Garagband” ,

In the end I mix every thing together -Set footage, Live Action Footage and Music Score all
together,.For Editing the entire footage I used Software called I Movie, its a simple user
friendly software, it has got simple effects and transition tools.

So thats it,.——————————————–

Innitially I was thinking of Boy and his Girlfriend watching Vampire movie, and boy was so
involve in the film, suddenlly he noticed that his girlfriend sitting beside, staring at him with
pale face and sharp fangs, Ready for attack and suck his blood,

anyways, I’m going to do that version later on,
Film Title could be BlowJob or something ,
he he

Anyways,. Check out the Images,Making and Promo stuff

Thanks for Watching

Dont forget to watch this years PFC one 2009

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Props Designs for Marvel's upcoming show

Couple of Props designs I did for Marvel’s upcoming “Wolverine and the X-Men” show.

Sunday, November 23, 2008


These Designs are for “Rapunzel”
Again Grimm Brothers Fariy Tale
“Rapunzel is the beautiful girl with long long hair , trap inside a forbidden tower, by a Evil Witch”

need more info?
Genie is here:

would you dare enter ?