Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Baba Yaga ( Russian fary tale)

I love Russian fairy tales
this one is called "Baba Yaga" or "Vasilisa"

"scull with the glowing eyes"
and "hut on a chicken leg" (crazy stuff)

(for animated short)

Hut on a chicken leg surrounded by fence made of human skeletons

Rough designs

More to come...

Flying Teapot- part 2

I love the music of band called'Gong'
these drwaings are inspired by their music

Red riding hood in Tibet

This is my first post,
(for animated short)
This one is based on 'Grimm brothers fairy tale'

The little girl meets the Big Bad Wolf.
This is Little Red Riding Hood with a twist.
It’s the Festival of Lights and a little girl
is on her way to meet her grandmother, high
up in the Tibetan mountains. But the dark and
cold land holds a danger-the Big Bad Wolf.
He is waiting and he has got the perfect plan.
So does the spirited little girl end up in
his belly?

Or will she turn the tables on him,

more drawings to come...