Friday, November 17, 2006

Maharaja Cowboy

Cool concept by Atul Rao
i had good time, Designing the character and mood for the concept

Taro (Disney Asia)

All these Character Designs are for Disney Asia's show
"Legends of the Ring of Fire" (featuring Asian Folktales)
this particular folktale is from Japan, called
'Taro and the 3 riddles'.

Taro's Granny

Village Leader

Rudy Bega

Half Turnip Half Boy
Conecpt by Atul Rao ( V P Creative Affairs)
Toonz Animation India Pvt.Ltd

He love everything,
he is playing Mozart's Ronda alla Turca from his Sonata in A major
(Check out the "Leaf" design on his Piano,..)

maybe he is Vegan
he he