Monday, October 29, 2007


I like this rough design of mine,..A lot
You might say, whts the big deal ,..but I enjoyed it,
I drew it quickly, while watching movie,.

Below there is a original Image from a film called "Home Delivery"


  1. lage raho..shekharbhai!!!

  2. mmm...Shekhar,
    at last an updation...and one really worthy of the wait.

    i too like ur rough,in fact better than the fair.

    i mean, i like the gal in ur drawing beter than the gal in the image, though they r really quite similar... but the rough goes in sync with my idea of beauty...

    simple,superb eyes,lips ... a strangely captivating girl with abundant beauty beautifully wrapped in simplicity...

    PS: i do like the gal in the image too..but the Rough is too goood.