Monday, January 05, 2009

Major Thapa!!!

Be prepare for
(Tall) tales of Mystery and Imagination of
retired Major Vikramsingh Thapa
according to him,
he has cursed by God of Death Yamaraj,
that he will not die, Until…….(he is not telling)
And he believed that he is the reincarnation of Indian Medieval King Vikramaditya,
Well known for his tales ‘Vetal Pachchisi’( 25 tales of Ghoul)
So here it is another 25 tales of
"Major Thapa" with his faithfull dog "Veerbhadra"


  1. Anonymous1:05 am GMT-8

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  2. good stuff man. Major Thapa rocks!I am reminded of a few things. Wrote a short story once - TWS - The White Squad, it was about an authoritative trainer in the hills of Somanahalli and this new trainee. Then another one called Messiah, my big commercial film dream. Messiah was the tribal lord, the last surviving hope. Then something called Dawn over Ranjishpur.

  3. Shekhar Shimpi Zindabad!!! nice concept yaar..

  4. dog ka naam mast! hai!

  5. so dog ka nam zindabad!!!!!!!!!!

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