Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Drawing Under Influence :P

Inspired by the song 'A Time and A Place' by favorite band ELP Emerson Lake & Palmer,
It was stormy rainy misty grey day,I was at the hilltop house with my drinky!
listening to the song and sketching.

"There is a place, a time and a space
Just no one can trace, that non one can trace."

Somewhere a hill, where things are still
Rain water spill, just rain water spill.

Satan playing keyboard and Mallu girl behaind!!!

Killer maneater rabbit on rampage

one of my Bengali friend hates fishes

strange character and his house with 100
Gothic windows

Snobbish girl!!!

Inspired by Blue Oyster Cults song
'Joan Crawford'

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  1. Fan of your Cute Ruffs Karimeen.!.Pls Keep adding.!LOL